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Online showcase OneShop
Online showcase:
for new cars
for used cars
Dealer or distributor can
  • Customize the appearance of the storefront through a wide range of settings

  • Include any CTA forms
    (Order, Test Drive, Ask price)

  • Create different vehicle collections for any purpose (showroom, promotions, landing pages)
  • Promote your cars by adding labels and special markers

  • Upload real car photos and video clips to your card

  • Display cars of different DCs in the same showcase with different logistic statuses
  • Manually and automatically import stock in different formats (excel, csv, json, xml), upload to websites (, Avito,, MaxPoster, etc.) and Google campaigns
  • Create custom builder showcases without using separate tools
  • Use the storefront as part of the main website or as a separate, independent resource. Support and development included in the product license

  • Increase the overall conversion of visits to leads (average conversion is 3.65%)
The client can
  • Quickly select a car according to a wide range of parameters

  • Find out what the final price is composed of
  • See and compare similar cars
  • Calculate loan offers
  • Order Insurance
  • Estimate your car according to the classic car database
Additional Features
Extend the functionality of online storefronts with additional tools:

  • Loan calculator with approval
  • Insurance calculator with online application
  • Online Payment with Reservation
  • Accessories
  • Online car valuation
  • Maintenance calculator
  • Leasing calculator

Smart Contract digital sales platform
  • Single interface for manager and client with possibility to configure the deal online
  • Trade-in assessment
  • Loan Calculator
  • Car Reservation/Online Prepayment

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